Orientation Leaders

Join the 2020 Orientation Team

As leaders in the Orientation program, upperclass students play a pivotal role in supporting first-year students’ transition to life at Princeton. Many of the early experiences for first-year students are shaped by the leaders who facilitate conversations during the small-group experiences and plan social and community building programs throughout Orientation.

Interested in joining us as part of the Orientation Team? There are many ways to be involved!

*Previous experience or participation with any program is not a requirement.

Small-Group Experience Leaders

Help new students build connections with their peers and learn about the values of the Princeton community by leading a small-group experience trip during Orientation.

Athlete Orientation Experience

Learn more about the Athlete Leader Orientation Experience and access the application here. (This position is only open to winter and spring athletes)

Community Action

Learn more about Community Action  here.

Dialogue and Difference in Action

Learn more about the Dialogue and Difference in Action program here.

Outdoor Action

Learn more about the Outdoor Action program and how to become an OA leader here.

Begin leader training on a weekly basis throughout the Spring semester

Begin and complete leader through an accelerated program during Spring Break

Programming Leaders

Create a welcoming orientation experience for new students and plan social programs during Orientation.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are responsible for the creation and implementation of many of the social programs that create an exciting, welcoming, and upbeat atmosphere during Orientation. This student group also lends a hand in providing feedback and ideas for improvement for the larger orientation program.

Learn more about the Orientation Leaders and access the application here.

Support Orientation Programs and Initiatives

Keep the Orientation program running smoothly by supporting individual small-group experience programs or the ODUS orientation team.

Community Action Support & Command

More information about Community Action here.

ODUS Orientation Assistants

More information available in the Spring.

Outdoor Action Support & Command

Learn more about OA Support and Command here.

Orientation Leaders